Case Study:

Custom Enrollment & Billing Management Portal with Zoho Creator

See how we used Zoho Creator to built and enrollment and billing portal for a two year online degree program.

The Results:

Real-time access to accurate financial and program information

Program staff reported increased efficiency

Reduction in accounting time

A clear view of all aspects of the program for all users

Enrollment & Billing Management Portal

The Enrollment & Billing Management Portal that we built on the Zoho Creator low-code platform allows staff to centrally manage student information, issue tuition invoices, collect payments online, and enroll students into courses in the online learning platform once tuition is paid. The application provides the administrative interface that is used to manage student information, tuition invoices and other program details. From within the portal, a new student profile can be created, scholarships and discounts can be entered, and the system does all of the work to set the new student up in various other systems required to complete the program. The portal also tracks overdue payments and automatically sends notifications to students when payments are due or overdue.

The Zoho Creator portal resides as the centerpiece of a suite of applications, and makes managing each of the other integrated systems automatic. System integrations include:

The Outcome

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