Case Study:

Custom Membership Portal & Credential Management Tool with Zoho Creator

See how we used Zoho Creator to turn a global association's website into a powerful tool for both their members and administrators.

Website Redesign & Member Portal Integration

Our first project with the association was full website redesign, including a complete revision of their site navigation. An optimized user flow made it easier for potential new members to learn about the association and to join, as well as made it easier for existing members to find that they need and pay dues/event fees.

Once the site redesign was complete, we developed a Member Portal using a custom WordPress plug-in to tightly integrate their MemberSuite CRM and other systems via their APIs.

The CRM is the the association’s powerhouse business system. Nearly every piece of information accessed through the Member Portal either originates in or flows through their CRM making it’s interconnection with every other businesses system and integration with the website vital.

The integration of the MemberSuite CRM with the association’s website via the custom Member Portal allows members to easily:

  • View/update profile information.
  • Pay membership dues or other invoices.
  • View event registrations, register for new events.
  • View current status of credential (how many CEUs earned, how many needed, renewal deadline, etc).
  • View educational class resources such as electronic course exams, course surveys, etc.
  • Send referrals to other potential members that are tracked to measure conversions.

The integration of the MemberSuite CRM with the association’s website via the custom Member Portal allows members to easily:

Credential Management Application with
Zoho Creator

Another necessity for both association members and administration was a way to easily manage credentials.

Using Zoho Creator, we developed an application that integrated with the CRM via API to pull relevant information like member name and contact information as well as which courses the specific member has complete and for which classes they are registered.

The Credential Management System allows members to:

  • View their credential status report at any time.
  • Access materials for educational classes through the member portal.
  • Access and complete feedback surveys required to receive course credit.
  • Electronically submit credential applications and required documentation.

administrative functions of Credential Management System include:

  • Maintenance of multiple credential tracks that include different course requirements to achieve.
  • The ability to award CEU credit for outside educational activities.
  • Reporting and analysis of registration data to understand membership demand for courses.
  • Reporting and analysis of course feedback survey data to continually improve course quality.

administrative functions of Credential Management System include:

  • Registration & attendance tracking.
  • Electronic exam delivery.
  • Pass/fail of exam.
  • Electronic course feedback surveys.
  • Issuing of CEU credit.

Referral Management System with
Zoho Creator

Using Zoho Creator, the Referral Management System was created to incentivize members to refer industry colleagues for membership with the association.

administrative functions of Credential Management System include:

  • Tracking referrals sent, referral link clicks and referrals that ultimately convert to members.
  • Reporting details of referrals sent, number of referral links clicked, number of member conversions.
  • Details include the member referring for referrals sent and member conversions; and the potential member that clicked for link clicks.
  • Provides a referral network diagram showing member referrals up to two degrees of separation (i.e. if a member refers another member and the newly referred member then refers another member the original member would be connected to the third member via the second).

The End Results

The associations website is now their most powerful business tool. While the transformation of their site was extreme, the transition was seamless. Our attention to detail and personable team allowed us a true understanding of the associations frustrations and business needs.

The systems we built for the association were designed to meet their specific needs and fully integrated with each other and their new website.

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