You think you’re putting your product or service in front of the right people, but are you sure?


If you haven’t moved a significant portion of your marketing budget into social media advertising, you need to.


Why? Let us count the ways…

Your customers are on social media.

At the end of 2018, Facebook had over 2 billion active users with nearly 70% of adults in the US reporting themselves to be Facebook users. More interested in advertising to a younger audience? 72% of teenagers report using Instagram and the platform itself reports 1 billion active monthly users. 

So, even if you don’t use social media, don’t let that cloud your judgement—your customers are using it and you can’t afford not to advertise to them through it.


It builds brand awareness and recognition.

Get your product or service into your customer’s head and keep it there!

Brand awareness ads are an effective ‘top of the funnel’ component to campaigns targeting a cold audience (meaning, people who have never heard of your product or service) AND and powerful way to keep your product or service in the minds of past customers. 


You can target very specific audiences.

Not only does social media advertising allow you to target a very (very) specific audience, but it can help you find the audience most receptive to your product or service. 



Social media platforms are an incredibly effective place to implement conversion funnels. Using a variety of ad types, you can watch your audience travel your custom build advertising journey. 

Did someone show visit your website, watch 5 seconds of your video, or engage with your Instagram account? Capture that interest through an automated ad funnel to build their interest in your product or service and generate higher conversion rates (whatever your chosen conversion may be).


You can adapt your strategy.

So you want to test two versions of your creative and two sets of ad copy on two different audiences? Let’s do it!

Once we see which audience is the most receptive and which combination of copy and creative is the most effective, we can pause the other ads put the ad spend behind the ad strategy that will bring you the most bang for your buck.


It’s cost effective.

When is the last time the print publication you paid to run your ad could tell you exactly how many times your ad was viewed? How many unique viewers it had? How many people took an action because of your ad? 

They may act like they can tell you, but they can’t. 

Social media ads offer powerful analytic tools that, used properly, can tell you exactly how your money is being spent. You will know exactly how much ad spend it took to make a single conversion, be it a landing page view, lead for submission, or sale. 

So, you want to know the return on your ad investment? Social media advertising will tell you; print advertising will not.

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