Social Media Advertising

Build Awareness. Spark Interest. Create Conversions.

Meet your customers where they are and craft high converting ads to drive sales, increase brand recognition, and build your email list.

If you haven’t invested in social media advertising, it’s time. Read why here.

Ads Strategy Session

Have you paid for a few Facebook/Instagram ads or boosted posts yourself in the past but weren’t thrilled with the results? Thinking about running some ads and aren’t sure where to start?

Our Ads Strategy Session is a high level review of your existing ads and website, designed to help you to think strategically about ad targeting, messaging, and conversions.

We will audit any current ad funnels or sequences, calls to action, opt ins, landing pages, ad copy, and custom ad audiences. We will offer suggestions for audience segmentation, ad retargeting, ad funnel/landing page/call to action optimization, and ad copy.

Price: $250*

*All Strategy Session fees waived if further ad services are booked.

Local Business Specialties

Local Business Advertising

Advertise your store, products, or services in ads optimized to build awareness and build your email list.


Ideal For:

  • Brick and mortar stores currently advertising in only print publications
  • Brick and mortar stores who want to begin email marketing but currently have no email list
  • Service providers (real estate, property management, wedding planners, personal trainers, caterers, etc.)
  • A business interested in trying social media ads

Special Events Advertising

Advertise your local business during the special events that draw tens of thousands of visitors to the Monterey Peninsula each year.


Ideal For:

  • Local tourist driven businesses
  • Businesses whose ideal customers/clients will be in town for a special event

Online Sales

New to
Online Sales

Plans to start selling your product online? Social media ads will be an integral part of your success.


Ideal For:

  • Start-ups that plan to sell a product online
  • Local brick and mortar stores who want to start selling their product to a larger audience
  • Local businesses wanting to promote a free consultation
  • Fitness instructors, personal/business coaches, and industry experts who want to launch online courses or classes

Online Sales Retargeting

Retarget past customers, website visitors, and engaged social media followers.


Ideal For:

  • Businesses who sell a product online and want to increase sales
  • Businesses who are new to online sales but have an established customer information database

Additional Services

These services are ideal for clients who do not have in-house marketing or communications departments. Let us help you create dynamic, engaging ads, sales funnels, and high converting landing pages.


  • Ad Copy

  • Ad Creative (images)

  • Conversion Funnel Development/Optimization

  • Custom Audience Creation

  • Landing Pages Creation/Optimization

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