Yes, there ARE some reasons it may be right for you.


There. I said it. While there are compelling reasons to use social media for your business, there ARE situations where you can guiltlessly say ‘No. It’s not for me.’


Frankly put, there are a million articles out there telling you that your business needs social media because there are a million and one social media managers or agencies who want to sell you their service. And I get that. After all, we have some skin in that game too by selling social media strategy services. Key word here: strategy.


Social media without strategy is a waste of your time and money. Done well, social media can be a great piece of your overall marketing strategy. Done poorly, it can have the opposite effect.


Social media for a business takes time, commitment, strategy, and planning. If you (or an employee) are going to manage the accounts yourself, it will take time. If you’re going to outsource the job and hire a Social Media Manager, it will take money.


So, what do you do if you really don’t have time or money?

You put social media on the shelf.

Being a small business owner can feel like you have to be a Jack or Jane of all trades but…. maybe not ALL trades.

Yes, you need to know basic bookkeeping. You need to know how to track orders and manage your inventory. You need to understand the legal responsibilities of someone in your field. There are a lot of things you NEED to know so the IRS and angry customers don’t come knocking. Social media is NOT one of them.

If you see yourself in any (or all!) of the following situations, feel confident in your decision to not use social media despite all the voices telling you it’s necessary:


You’re a one (wo)man show

I will preface this point by saying that there ARE situations where, even if you are a one (wo)man show, you must be on social media. If you are selling a course or coaching services or a product only available online, you need to make the time to develop a social media presence.

That said, if social media is NOT integral to your brand development and you simply don’t have the staff, the right staff, or the money to hire a social media manager, sideline social media until you do. Don’t forget about it, because odds are it WILL help you, but take the time and lay the foundations of your business before you fall down the social media rabbit hole.


Who wants to see THIS?!

If you’re really creative and committed to social media, you can make just about anything interesting. But can we be honest for a second? There are some things people just aren’t going to care about- at least on social media.

If you sell a service, say, pool maintenance, HVAC repair, a carwash, etc. there ARE aspects of digital marketing that you should be taking advantage of but social media doesn’t need to be one of them. Odds are, your customers are searching for you on google or Yelp. You’d be better to spend your time on SEO, online reputation management (think Yelp) and/or Google AdWords. If you love social media and enjoy working it in to your work day, go for it!


You don’t have a strategy

You can post a million times a day but if you don’t have a strategy AND a way to gauge the success of your strategy, you are wasting your time and/or money.

Social media for your business is not the same as social media for your personal life. The MAIN point to social media for your business is to turn your followers into paying customers. You do this by taking the time to:

  • KNOW your audience and what they are interested in

  • DEFINE your message and your story

  • Create CONTENT that tells your story and conveys the message you want your business to send

  • Create your content in a way that your audience will want to ENGAGE with

  • Take advantage of your audience engagement and develop a relationship with your followers. No ‘set it and forget it’!

This process will allow you to establish yourself as an expert in your field and give your followers the opportunity to develop a sense of trust. If you don’t have the time, (wo)man power, or money to consistently devote to this process, put social media on the shelf.