5 Signs Your Business Needs a Zoho One Consultant

Stefanie Gallegly

So, you have decided to move your business to Zoho One? Congrats! Zoho One is a powerful operating system that we consistently see businesses use to increase their productivity, improve customer service, boost sales, and spur overall growth. Now that you have chosen Zoho One, the question of who will manage your migration becomes important. Will you manage your move to Zoho One yourself or hire a Zoho One consultant? Your Zoho One migration and set-up is a job that requires time, commitment, and expertise and who you choose to manage this project is incredibly important.

Moving your business from an array of disparate apps to one operating system is a hefty undertaking, no matter the size of your business. In fact, because moving to Zoho One means working with every application and/or system your business currently uses, this migration is likely to be one of the most important internal projects you will undertake.

To help make your decision about hiring a Zoho One consultant easier, we have created this list of 5 signs your business should hire a Zoho One consultant to manage your Zoho One migration and set-up.

You lack the proper understanding of the CRM installation process.

This is a big one. If you scan the next four points in this list and think 'that does not apply to me' yet this one does, you should hire a Zoho One consultant. Why?

Your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system can be a powerhouse tool for your organization, centralizing vital customer and lead information, coordinating data between departments, streamlining processes for sales, marketing, and support teams, and, most importantly, providing accurate and up to date data to help you make informed business decisions. It is also the central tool of your Zoho One system.

While Zoho's CRM is more user friendly than other CRMs on the market, the set up can be complicated. Even more so is the transition to Zoho's CRM from a previous one. This process requires major data migration and, if done incorrectly, could lead to data loss and/or system failure. 

A Zoho One expert has extensive training and experience with the CRM set up process and data migration. This will save you time (which is money) as well as headache and potential data loss. On top of CRM expertise, a qualified Zoho One consultant also brings a broad understanding of all of Zoho One's applications and will understand which of Zoho's applications can boost the workings of the CRM in relation to your business's specific needs.


You do not have sufficient time for strategic execution.

Any consultant you bring onto your team needs to understand your business. This doesn't mean the specifics of your vertical, but where your business is in relation to where you want it to be in the next one, five, ten years. The best Zoho One consultants will have an entrepreneurial, business-centric mindset as well as Zoho expertise. Why does that matter? Because it means they will understand how to set-up and integrate applications to spur the type of growth your business needs and adapt with the change that growth brings.

You are unfamiliar with many of Zoho One's applications.

To ensure you are getting the most out of Zoho One, you need to understand what each application does and if it fits into your business strategy. Your time and energy should be focused on your business, not on learning the specifics of each of Zoho One's 40+ applications - that is a Zoho One consultant's job. The right consultant will know which applications your business needs, how to customize them to your specific needs, how integrate them with your other applications, and can teach you how to use them.


Your team uses multiple applications or databases that contain lead and customer information.

Unless these applications and databases are well integrated and nimble (which is unlikely), you have duplicate lead and/or customer entries. A mismanaged data migration from these databases could lead to CRM chaos. If you have three applications with mismatched data for one lead, you could end up with three different entries for one lead in your CRM. A Zoho One consultant will ensure both the quality and accessibility of integrated data in your Zoho One operating system.


You don't have an in-house IT team.

This point is quite simple. A full migration to Zoho One is a technical process and technical challenges are sure to arise. If you do not have an in-house IT team to manage the entire process, you should take the opportunity to find a Zoho One consultant whose skill set and personality fit well with your team. Your Zoho One consultant will be your go-to problem solver through your data migration and application set-up and integration.


It is likely that your business will benefit from hiring a qualified Zoho One consultant. You've made the right decision to migrate to Zoho One and now it's time to get the most from this investment. As you look for a Zoho One consultant, keep in mind their expertise outside of Zoho One - do they bring real world experience? Can they provide you with case studies that highlight their success with previous projects? Do they offer long term partnerships or one-off services? Does their personality fit well with your team? There are dos and don'ts to hiring the right Zoho consultant so just as you would with an in-house hire, take your time and do you research.