Case Study: Zoho Creator & Manufacturing Company

Organization: Tek Textil

Industry: Manufacturing

Location:  Cuauhtémoc, Mexico City 


  • Built a custom app to handle production and warehouse management
  • Increased collaboration between clients and the development of products.
  • Zoho Creator app increased its production by 300%

Tek Textil is a product development group that supplies performance fabrics for sports and athletics apparel brands. Tek Textil utilizes a unique business model in that orders for material are produced in various vendors internationally while receiving input from Tek Textil's research & development team. 

Wanting to ensure their product exceeded the vendor's expectations, they needed an application that would allow them to connect their vendors, customers, production, quality control divisions, and the Research and Development team. Before using Zoho Creator, their process of managing the production of fabrics became too difficult to maintain and was wasting time.

The solution that led to a 300% production increase

Using Zoho Creator, Tek Textil initially built an app to manage their material development process, but when they realized how powerful the app was they expanded it to a full ERP solution. For Tek Textil's clients, it allows them to collaborate on the material development alongside Tek Texil to ensure a consistent end product.

The app includes modules such as "Process Engineering", "Material Development", "Costing", "Final Quality", and more. Everything from the submission of material design, color development, and production are automated thanks to the application.

How does Tek Textil feel about Zoho Creator? According to its founder, it has greatly reduced stress on the company, freed up more time to build the business and reduced the amount of timeoccupying the business. They have seen production increase by a whopping 300%. Would they go to their old methods? Absolutely not.