Zoho Creator Case Study: Retail Business


Industry: Retail

Location: Milan, Italy


  • Custom CRM + Field service management

Marrionaud is a luxury French perfume chain based in Paris, and is the third largest perfume and cosmetics chain in Europe. This luxury company is passionate about enabling everyone to feel true confident beauty, and has 1,200 stores throughout 10 countries in Europe. 

Communication Problems Between Stores and Management 

Breakdowns in communication became apparent as area managers in their Italian division visited the 120 Marrionaud stores in Italy and emailed status reports back to headquarters. As the area managers met visited the numerous stores, it would result in many emails being sent back to the head office. As the number of status report emails increased, the head office realized that they needed a more consolidated approach to communication. 

The poor information exchange and communication between stores and management hindered business, and Marrionaud realized that something needed to be done if they wanted to grow. Marrionaud needed more than a basic CRM, but sought out a special CRM that could be highly customized to their specific needs.  

Zoho Creator App Streamlines Communication

Using a custom app built with Zoho creator, area managers were able to visit stores and input data quickly into the app on their phones so that managing directors had an accurate and better view of all the activities that were happening at the ground level. With a top view of what was happening on the ground, management is now able to make operational and administrative decisions easier and quicker. Now Marrionaud utilizes apps built in Zoho Creator to manage stores and inventory in the 120 stores in Italy. 



Luxury Retailer Marionnaud Streamlines Communication With Zoho Creator