Case Study: BlackBuck using Zoho Creator


Industry: Shipping

Location: Bangalore, India


  • Apps handling logistics allowed business to scale quickly without losing efficiency

Blackbuck is India's largest trucking platform having been founded in 2015. They've worked hard to change the way that shipping is done to make it easier for millions of truckers to book a load, move at full capacity, and enable shippers of all sizes to have access to the right truck, for the right time and right price. They are committed to providing a reliable, efficient, and seamless experience for shippers and truckers alike.

Wasting Time and Money Managing Trucking Logistics

Blackbuck initially managed all of their logistics operations manually using Microsoft excel. As the number of registered trucks grew to 50,000 strong, it became incredibly challenging and time-consuming to keep track of their assets and fleet across 200 cities in India.

The Solution was a Zoho Creator Custom Built App

It took 2 weeks to build two separate apps on Zoho Creator which would have taken at least a couple months with a traditional app building method. The first app was used for asset management that allowed BlackBuck to track their assets (RFID tags, fuel cards, and cash cards) throughout the country.

For each trip fuel cards, cash cards, and RFID tags are given to truck drivers for their trip. The head office receives these assets, and assigns them within the app. The office can then easily track inventory and allows them to have better control over the flow of assets. Not only did using the application make things easier, but also saved BlackBuck time and money.

The second app created with Zoho Creator was for fleet management. Truck owners working with BlackBuck often have more than one truck for shipping goods. The application makes it easy to keep track of who owes what, the duration of all the trips, and the details of the truck and driver involved.

At the end of the day, these applications allowed BlackBuck to scale their operational processes and grow into the largest trucking platform in all of India.