Case Study: Zoho Creator Helps Festival

OrganizationCinema Napa Valley

Industry: Entertainment

Location: Napa Valley, California


  • Built an application to manage the logistics of their event efficiently.
  • Consistently track progress of numerous processes
  • Data is not lost and decisions can be made quickly, because there is a central database that is accurate and updated. 

Cinema Napa Valley is a non-profit organization in Napa Valley, California that hosts the annual Napa Valley Film Festival. The Napa Valley Film festival showcases independent film making, while building community around the art of visual storytelling. The festival includes world-class food and wine in the beautiful Napa Valley. Their mission is to celebrate the cinematic arts and enrich the community with their annual festival and regular education and outreach programs.

The Difficulty of Organizing a World-Class Festival

Every year, the Napa Valley Film Festival has an enormous amount of logistics to manage. For five days each year the festival hosts over 400 filmmakers, wines from 160 wineries, approximately 50 restaurants and chefs, and manages hundreds of lodging partners. The festival allows attendees to discover the best new independent films of the year while enjoying superb wines and cuisine. Notable actors who have attended include Kurt Russell, Katie Holmes, Matthew McConaughey, Geena Davis, and more.

Before using Zoho Creator, they were managing the entire festival on spreadsheets. This caused numerous issues as this system lacked a central data repository. In addition, they had a problem with being able to track the progress of each process consistently. 

Helping Napa Valley Film Festival Reach the Sky

Zoho Creator proved to be exactly what they needed. Their Zoho Creator app replaced the spreadsheets they were using, and provided a centralized source for all of their data. The NVFF team used a Zoho Creator app to collect data and prepare the logistics of their festival. 

A festival of this size and caliber has to handle venues dropping off, new people attending and others dropping out. The app that NVFF built with Zoho Creator enabled them to change these details in a central location, and have it to go to everyone's report. No longer did they need to worry about inconsistencies in their data among team members.

This up-to-date information could be accessed by their team anywhere at anytime. This streamlined approach has allowed them to be more effective and efficient at their work. In addition, it gave their team more time to focus on the details of the festival, which in turn has created a better customer experience.

As Ben Mahoney Director of Operations at NVFF puts it, "Looking into the future, it’s about how well we know our organization and our festival. And then the sky is the limit when we want to organize and execute our event in Zoho Creator.