Zoho Creator vs Knack - What's the difference?

Zoho Creator and Knack are platforms that make it simple for individuals and business to create custom web applications without coding and IT expertise. Rather than taking weeks to create custom business applications it will take mere days (or even less time), and allow you to focus on the most important parts of your business.

While these two competitors appear to be alike we will summarize the major and minor differences between these two platforms so that you can make the right choice for your business. 

Also, to be upfront - as Zoho Authorized Partners we are big fans of Zoho Creator, but don't take our word for it! Read the remainder of this article to see why over 100,000 organizations (including some Fortune 500 companies) choose to use Zoho Creator.

Comparing App Building Tools 

The Zoho Creator App Deck

Getting started Zoho Creator offers 60+ full featured custom apps that are ready for immediate use. You can see these apps over at their App Deck. You will find a collection of useful pre-built apps that relate to human resources, sales, marketing, operations and more! These apps are ready to be used as is or can be customized to fit your specific needs. Knack also offers 40+ templates to get you started if you are not looking to create an app from scratch.

Upon immediately launching into a new builder it can feel overwhelming with all the buttons and features that are offered. While both products have a great UI you'll find Zoho Creator much more accessible and easy to learn. The UI can be altered with various themes, and can be customized too! 

Zoho Creator was made with both developers and business users in mind. This means that every app component can be built with a simple drag-and-drop builder. It also includes features that developers will want to use such as HTML, Sandbox, Application IDE, CSS editor, Deluge Scripting, SDKs, APIs, and more. This functionality allows a higher degree of customization that will allow users to build far more advanced apps than you could in a simple database builder.

Knack offers great functionality and has a clean user interface, but while it is simple to use it is not quite as intuitive compared to Zoho Creator. For users who are looking to create an app without having coding experience, you will appreciate the ease of Zoho's drag-and-drop builder.

Zoho Creator supports the following data import formats (.CSV, .TSV, .XLS, .XLSX, . TXT

.CSV) while Knack only supports the .CSV format. Knack supports English only while Zoho Creator is a multi-lingual app builder that supports multiple languages. Lastly, it should be noted that within Zoho Creator you can reuse code across apps for an efficient and quick way to build multiple applications. Knack currently does not offer this feature.



One of the major differences between the two products is that Knack exclusively creates web based applications, and not native mobile apps that can be downloaded from an app store. This is a key difference to understand between the two app builders. 

Zoho creator allows builders to make web-based applications, but also allows apps to be downloaded from an app store for the iOS and Android mobile operating systems. 

It is important that you understand this concept, so as an example let us imagine that a Zoho Creator admin is part of a business called Joja. The business Joja can build an app for its employees that will let them mark their attendance and enter information about their sales. This app can be distributed through any MDM, and will keep the app limited to the employees of Joja. 

But let us assume that Joja also wants to create an application that allows customers to place orders. On a computer, customers can place orders through Zoho's customer portal, but on mobile the process will be different. Joja can build an app called "Joja Orders" that can be distributed to customers through the various apps stores. Customers can download the application and order right away from their iOS and Android mobile operating systems.


There are many features to consider between Zoho Creator vs Knack, but you will also want to consider the pricing plans between these two app builders. There is a substantial difference in pricing and the features offered between the plans offered by these two companies which are outlined in the table below.

Zoho Creator pricing plans vary depending on your storage needs, number of users, and how many apps you will be creating. The Ultimate Plan offers unlimited storage and no cap on the number of apps you can create. See here for more details on Zoho Creator's pricing plan.

Choosing the right pricing plan for Knack will depend on the number of apps you will build and the amount of storage you will need. The starter plan limits the number of apps you can build to 3, the Pro plan allows 8 apps, and the Corporate plan has a 25 cap limit. One key difference between Knack and Zoho Creator is that all of Knack's plans offer unlimited users. You can view Knack's pricing plans here

Overall, Zoho Creator offers a greater value for the money compared to Knack. You will be receiving more features at a lower cost.

Zoho Creator Pros & Cons 


  • Intuitive & Easy to Start - It will not take long for you to quickly learn and understand how Zoho Creator works. You can build new apps and integrate them into your organization quickly/
  • Simple & Functional - The beauty of Zoho Creator is the ability for those who do not code to create useful applications, but simultaneously Zoho Creator allows for developers to utilize higher functions to create more advanced applications.
  • Automatic native mobile app creation - Allows for users to create mobile apps that are downloaded through app stores. Perfect for making apps that are easy and accessible for customers to use!


  • Limited Users - The pricing plans are created to scale with your business and its needs. While the price is affordable and worth the features you receive, you will need to opt for a more premium plan if you want to have multiple users. 


Knack Pros & Cons 


  • Unlimited Users - The ability to have unlimited users within all Knack pricing plans is great for organizations in need of lots of users, but will come at a cost. 


  • Support - Read reviews of Knack and one of the common complaints is the lack of support from Knack. Customer service takes time to get back to you, and it is quicker to identify your own solution.
  • Price - Compared to Zoho Creator Knack is more expensive for what you are receiving.
  • Limited Apps - While it is nice to be able to offer unlimited users, Knack's various plans place a limit on the number of apps you will be able to create. Be prepared to spend more money if you are planning to create multiple apps. 

Our Top Pick! Zoho Creator 

It is your business and your choice, but if you are looking for a great Knack alternative you should try out Zoho Creator. It offers incredibly powerful features that you will find easy to use. While Knack has pricing plans that are more suited for lots of users, you will find Zoho Creator more intuitive and with more features for the type of apps your organization needs. If you are on the fence, you can try out a free trial of Zoho Creator to determine whether its the right fit for your organization. 

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