Case Study:

A Systems Streamline with
Zoho One +
Zoho Creator

A global professional association uses Zoho One and Zoho Creator to streamline 10+ third party systems to save >$25,000 in annual systems costs.

The Results:

An Annual Systems Subscription Savings of 83%

Increased Operational Efficiency

Increased Data Accuracy & Processes

Decreased Data Entry Errors

From ten third-party systems to one

Streamlined Systems with Zoho One

Using 10+ applications built by various companies made it difficult to integrate them together, and even harder to keep data updated and accurate. The association was ready to make a change and take their numerous systems and streamline them into an efficient unified system.

To accomplish this we brought them onto the Zoho One platform. The central hub of their data was collected into the Zoho CRM. Most the applications they used were able to be substituted for a Zoho counterpart.

This reconfiguration transformed their complex system into something that was clear and straightforward.


  • Multiple applications from varying companies made it difficult to integrate with one another (Mailchimp, Docusign, Copper CRM, Hootsuite, Moodle, Formstack, YourMembership).
  • Annual subscription cost of all applications: $30,000.
  • The system required manual data entry in many parts of the process resulting in reduced operational efficiency and higher risk of error.


  • Zoho One Platform with many applications that all sync and integrate with one another.
  • The low annual cost of $4,680 (savings of $25,320).
  • Zoho applications, the website, and the custom-built application all automatically sync with Zoho CRM. This not only freed up employee time from manual data entry, but also reduced the risk of a wrong data entry.

We utilized the following

Zoho One Applications









Sales IQ


A custom management application

An Administrative Oversight Application with Zoho Creator

Our Zoho creator experts built a custom application that not only made oversight of their fellowship program easy, but also connected it to the website and CRM.

This custom built application was crafted to integrate with not only Zoho applications, but also Quickbooks, Stripe (for easy payments), their WordPress website and a powerful learning platform called Canvas.

Their old system didn't allow for automatic billing which meant an employee would have to manually check tuition payment dates and contact students. The new application had this feature built in.

This application not only made their entire system's data more accurate, but it eliminated the need for workers to spend time doing tasks that now could be done automatically.

Zoho Creator

Tying it all together

Website Rebuild and Systems Integration

Our web team rebuilt and optimized the website to the WordPress platform which is easier to manage compared to the proprietary CMS previously used. The website became not only the location for their member community, but also the front-end for potential new members to join and make payments.

This great looking site not only looked pretty, but was powerful as it connected with Zoho CRM.

mastering new systems

Zoho Training

A new system change can be daunting and overwhelming for employees. Not wanting to set up the platform and leave them to struggle on their own, our Zoho team worked alongside the staff translating tech issues into common language and providing the right training so that no one felt left behind.

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